Blue and Gold - Pack 580

Every year, our Pack celebrates Scouting Anniversary Week with a “birthday party” called the Blue & Gold Banquet. The Blue & Gold Banquet is the highlight of the year, bringing our Pack families together for an evening of food, fun, and entertainment. At the Blue & Gold Banquet, we celebrate our Pack’s anniversary, celebrate scouting, and thank leaders and those who have helped our Pack. It takes a lot of time and dedication to “make the Pack go” and we honor all that volunteer their time to make our Scout’s experience positive, educational, and fun!

Blue and Gold 2

Pack 580’s Blue and Gold Banquet is usually scheduled as our February Pack meeting. At this meeting, there is usually a specific theme chosen by the committee so that each year, the banquet offers a different experience than previous years.

We celebrate with songs, skits, awards and entertainment along with a delicious meal. The Scouts attend this event in their Class A uniform, with all accessories that go with the uniform (hat, neckerchief, slide). Because this is the biggest event of the year, it is important that the scouts are dressed in full Class A Uniform and to conduct themselves with respect and good behavior.

The Blue & Gold Banquet is one of the biggest highlights of the scouting year. Scouts and their families gather together to celebrate scouting and each other!