2016 End of the Year Campout Itinerary

Post date: May 30, 2016 10:38:17 PM

2016 Itinerary


Here is the full Itinerary for this weekend's Campout at KOA Campground in Acton. If possible, please try to arrive as early as possible in order to take advantage of all of the fun activities that are planned. The Campground has been very generous in letting us check-in as early as 9am on Saturday so everyone can get their tents set up and ready before the Scouting activities begin at Noon.

Scouts, please wear your Class B Red shirt for the afternoon activities. You are only required your Class A Uniform for the Bridging Ceremony after dinner.

We hope everyone has a great time at this year's campout. It is definitely a great event to cap off another great year of scouting!

Here is the full Itinerary for the weekend:

Saturday June 4th

9am to 11am - Arrival and tent setup at KOA Acton Campground

11am to 12pm - Lunch time (bring lunch)

12pm to 2pm - Organized Scout activities (Scouts will rotate between activities) Activities include: Bowline Tying, Plastic Lacing, Beaded Keychain/Zipper Pull, Boat Building/Rain Gutter Regatta, Obstacle Course, Stomp Rocket Building/Launching

2pm to 4:30pm - Scout free time

4:30pm to 5pm - All Scouts get dressed in Class A Uniforms

5pm to 6pm - Dinner

6pm to 7pm - Scout Awards/Bridging Ceremony

7pm - Fire Ring/S’mores/Campfire songs & skits

Dusk - Movie (provided by the campground) & Popcorn (Provided by the Pack)

10pm - Lights Out

Sunday June 5th

8am - Breakfast served

9am - Geocaching activity

Departure - Leave no trace before you leave the campground!