Pack 580 End of the Year Campout - Saturday to Sunday, June 22nd-23rd

Post date: Jun 6, 2017 8:13:20 PM

Pack 580 End of the Year Campout - Saturday-Sunday, June 22nd-23rd, 2019

The end of the year Campout is this weekend! We know that for many of you it is your first Cub Scout Campout, and for some it might be your first camping trip ever!

Here is some information on what to bring so that you and your family will have a great time at our Campout!

The Campout officially starts on Saturday morning, June 22nd. You are welcome to arrive and start setting up between 10 am and 11 am. We are in the same place we have been the past 2 years, so those who are returning know the layout. If you have a specific part of the site you want, please get there early! You do not need to check in at the office. Please check in with pack leadership when you arrive. We are in the Kiddie Land group area. If you see the playground equipment you are in the right place. We will have a banner up and hopefully some other signs to help direct you!

Scouts who have our pack class B shirt should wear that during the day. We will have them change into full uniform right before dinner. If you do not have a class B shirt please wear a red t-shirt of some sort. This is a public campground, and it makes it easier for us to keep track of everyone this way!

Needed and suggested items:

Tent for your family.... Whatever size you have is fine. We have a big group site and are charged based on the number of people, not the number of tents.

Mallet, tent stakes, tarp etc for your tent. A hammer to pry the tent stakes out of the ground!

Sleeping bags for each person in your family

Air mattresses and pillows (there is no electricity on our site so bring a battery operated, car operated or hand operated pump to inflate! )

Folding chairs for each member of your family (to sit in for our bridging ceremony, and for around the fire pit later that night!)

Flashlights and lanterns (the camp site does get pretty dark). Extra batteries are a good idea!

Clothes and toiletries (your scout's full uniform is a must!). Don't forget sunscreen and bug repellent! First aid supplies too! Be prepared for heat during the day, but you might want a light jacket at night.

Swim suits and towels (the camp ground has a pool.... No lifeguard though. We will need at least 2 parents to be in the pool area at all times when we have scouts in there)

Reusable drink cups or water bottles for each member of your family, to eliminate paper cup waste. We will have large containers of lemonade and water for you to help yourself.

2 or more gallons of water to contribute to our drink station. We go through more water than the Campout organizers can transport!

Entertainment items for the kids.... Scooter/bike (with helmet).... Soccer ball, baseball and glove, outdoor games, etc. whatever your kid likes!

Personal food items for the afternoon! The pack provides some packaged snacks and beverages for the afternoon. We provide bbq dinner, dessert and s'mores, and breakfast on Sunday. You must bring your own lunch for Saturday, and are welcome to bring other favorite food and beverage items for yourself. Please no alcoholic beverages around the scouts!

If you have an easy up/shade cover that you want to bring, it is always welcomed! Also, if you have a camp stove or grill that you would like to bring for us to use, we are always appreciative!

Please DO NOT bring anything valuable! The pack and the campground cannot take responsibility for lost valuables! Also, no electronic devices... Tablets, hand held games, etc have no place on a camping trip!

The campground has VERY poor cell service coverage! Last year AT&T phones did not work at all. Verizon did have some service. There is very limited wifi near the campground office building. Pack leadership will be arriving at the camp site on Friday, so if you are trying to reach your leader with a question, you might not be able to reach us after we arrive at the camp site! This is out of our control!

Also, scouts who have earned their whittling chip should NOT bring pocket knives! There are many young children who will be there, and this is a safety issue.

If you have any questions, please ask! We want you to have a great time!